thangka brocading service:-
we offer this unique specialist service here in the UK. Frame your thangka painting in traditional silk brocade..

The first buddhist scroll paintings in India were framed top and bottom with blue silk, but when the tibetans developed the thangka tradition they began to use the silk brocades traded from china as a medium. Often vibrant colours, we generally stock the plainer brocades.

The frame is a series of borders, usually an initial red one, which can be followed by a yellow one surrounded by an outer blue or green brocade, although variations do occur. We can also supply single borders suitable for those paintings you may wish to frame under glass but with an initial brocade border.

the painting is hand stitched into the material frame and wooden poles top and bottom enable it to hang nicely.

the whole thing can be rolled up for storage or transportation. The back is covered and the front silky cover and ribbons protect it when not on show.

the finishing touches are the carved wooden ends and hanging straps.

learnt under instruction from tailors at the 'tsem khang' or tailoring house of the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala India, all work is done by hand and finished to a high standard.

our usual range of brocades.....
khaddi: This is a traditional geometric design recently reworked in Varanasi - capital of silk India. It is a heavyweight material which gives good structure to the finished thangka.
lotus: Lotus based design, medium weight material, popular design.
tamka: Tamka design - features the long life symbols, only in blue and red. lightweight material.

Prices vary depending upon size of thangka painting, choice of brocade and number of borders. Please contact us for a no obligation quote

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