who we are
We are a family run tibetan business, started by Ugyen & Jane Choephell. Ugyen has over 20 years experience of thangka painting. He studied under the master artists, the late Amdo Jamyang and Venerable Sangye Yeshe. In 1995, he formed "a living tradition" with 2 colleaugues and they put on one of the first exhibitions by tibetan artists in Dharamsala, North India and then in Delhi. Ugyen now lives in the UK, from where he continues to paint and exhibit.
We are committed to showcasing tibetan art and culture and you can visit some of our previous exhibitions here.
Most recently, ugyen is expressing his buddhist and personal beliefs through more contemporary artwork. Please visit the gallery for some examples of his new work.
In 2005 Ugyen also started up 'tibet enterprise', his own tibetan art and craft business promoting others' work and directly supporting tibetan artists and craftspeople with the aim of strengthening and developing tibetan arts and crafts - both traditional and contemporary.

what we do

tibet enterprise is a name that sums up what we are trying to do - ideas with tibet at the heart

  • to disseminate high quality tibetan art, both traditional and contemporary, showcase artists work, trade at fair prices
  • to be an outlet for tibetan goods across the wider world
  • to develop new initiatives for tibetan artists, craftspeople and small businesses.
  • to continue running exhibitions of tibetan art and culture

    who we trade with

    tibetan businesses in Nepal and India, individual thangka artists, indian businesses. We trade fairly and our items are personally sourced for their quality and authenticity.

    where are we

    thangka.co.uk is accessible worldwide (with the possible exception of China?)
    post: 13 Stanley chase, Whitehall, Bristol, BS5 7UX UK
    email: ugyen@thangka.co.uk

    contact us

    i'd love to know what you think about the site, the endeavour, the future..... also if you are a tibetan arts or craftsperson with ideas or new high quality products and are looking for a global outlet pease do get in touch

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